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offer the following sessions/coachings in our therapy room:

every Monday – individual session by appointment

Hilary Stocker / Bodywork & Coaching Praxis

Ich bin hier, um Ihnen zuzuhören und Sie wirklich zu unterstützen, damit Sie endlich den Alltag chronischer Belastungen, Kämpfe und scheinbar unmöglicher Ziele hinter sich lassen können.

Wenn wir zusammenarbeiten, können wir Sie in das bringen, was ich “Frieden jenseits des Verständnisses” nenne. die Basis aller wahren Kreativität, Inspiration, Akzeptanz, Mitgefühl und Heilung.

Trager Methode

Das Ziel einer Trager-Behandlung ist es, durch sanfte Bewegungen nicht nur den Körper, sondern auch den Geist zu entspannen. Das Bewegen von Muskeln und Gelenken soll dazu dienen, auch tiefsitzende seelische Muster, Verspannungen und Schonhaltungen zu lösen und einen optimalen Gewebezustand zu erreichen. Festgefahrene Verhaltensmuster können so durchbrochen und durch positive Verhaltensweisen ersetzt werden.

weitere Behandlungen/Angebote:

  • Klassische Massage
  • Fussreflexzonenmassage

mehr Info unter:  www.hilarystocker.ch

Kontakt: Hilary Stocker – st.hilary@gmx.net

every Tuesday – individual session by appointment

The rolfer / rolfing – Structural Integration

The Rolfer attempts to improve the entire organism’s relationship with gravity and aims to bring a body that is out of kilter back into alignment. Rolfing methods thus help you to live in balance with yourself and your surroundings.

Who can benefit?

Rolfing® SI can be applied to individuals of any age and health condition. It is also recommended for those who are not satisfied with their current health programme and are looking for a supplement to other forms of therapy. Rolfing® has lasting effects and patients often feel the benefit of these for a lifetime.

further treatments / offers:

  • Massage therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Pilates

find more information on:  www.therolfer.ch

079 410 40 14

contact: Rolf Oberholzer – rolf@therolfer.ch

every Wednesday – individual session by appointment

Naturali – practice for self-healing and joy of life

The only one who can really heal you is yourself. When you have realized that, you have already taken the first step towards healing. Sometimes you just need impulses, inspirations or the right tool to initiate your self-healing.

My methods and way of working for body – mind – soul:

Naturopathy and coaching in one

  • naturopathic therapies such as foot reflexology, herbal medicine, spagyric
  • health and vitality coaching: discover your creativity and the connections between illness and emotional issues
  • coaching and workshops especially for women who want to rediscover their “being a woman” and thus want to achieve their self-healing 

find more more information on: www.naturali.ch 

contact: Natalie Barth

every Thursday – individual session by appointment

Marine Morand

The only way out is through.

  • Classic massage
    Classic massage – full body massage, back massage, visceral therapy
  • Numerological life counseling
    What are my tasks? What are my tools for this? Am I living the life I had planned for myself?
  • Homeopathy
    for children and adults
  • Naturopathic methods
    Phytotherapy, spagyric, elutriation (e.g., cupping, demolition), energetic testing, etc.
  • Vaccination Advice
    For more inner security and independence in the decision making

find more information on: www.marinemorand.ch 

contact: Marine Morand, Naturheilpraktikerin TEN hfnh

078 722 96 95

mail: contact@marinemorand.ch

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