Why active meditations


Again and again we hear people say that “I cannot meditate”. But this is said in respect of traditional techniques like Vipassana and Zen meditation. In the Buddhist tradition we sit still, we observe our breathing and we aim to attain a fully thought-less state of BEING PRESENT.
Due to the fact that in the 21st century many of us already spend the whole day sitting and carrying out mentally taxing work, our bodies and minds find it very hard to really come to rest.

Osho”s active meditations have been scientifically researched and developed over many years with the help of hundreds of participants from different religious backgrounds.

They allow the body, to release its tensions and our unconscious patterns of behaviour and to reach a healthy balance. Tranquillity can return.

in silence we are connected

our meditations

Mindfullness-guided meditation 

1. phase: 30 minutes

be aware of your body, watch your breath coming in and going out. 

let your thoughts pass by without holding on to them or even to judge them. be aware of everthing that pops up and move back watching your breath gently.

2. phase: 15 minutes

stand up and walk slowly and fully aware of your feets touching the ground. your eyes are softly gazing a few steps in front of you.

alternating some elements of LU JONG YOGA will be part of the meditation.

Vipassana – a traditional buddhist meditation in silence

45 minutes

Vipassana is the oldest, certainly the most practiced meditation; coming from the Buddhist tradition.

we sit upright on a cushion or chair, with eyes closed or slightly open. observing the breath helps our mind to calm down and the value-free observation brings you into contact with your true being. a short walk meditation in between will make sitting more relaxed.

Dynamic meditation – build up your energy

a morning meditation in 5 phases lasts 45 minutes.

1. phase: 8 minutes

with deep, fast and chaotic breathing you build up your energy

2. phase: 5 minutes

get wild, shake, cry, laugh or weep, let go everything

3. phase: 7 minutes

you jump with your heels hitting the ground and holding your arms up the sky, the mantra HU wakes up your life force

4. phase: 10 minutes

“stop” be utterly still, no movement, no coughing – silence –

5. phase: 15 minutes

with gentle music we dance and celebrate the new day

Kundalini – evening meditation

an evening meditation in 4 phases.

1. phase: 10 minutes

we let our whole body shake and tremble

2. phase: 10 minutes

dancing and moving whatever your body enjoys

3. phase: 15 minutes

with meditative music your energy will calm down and your mind finds peace and silence

4. phase: 10 minutes

you relax on your back

No Dimension – sufi meditation
a meditation to open your heart center

1. phase: 15 minutes

we move and look in all four cardinal directions reaching out from the center

2. phase: 15 minutes

through the centering of the first phase we are able to circle without problems, moving faster and faster as we did like children. it opens our heart chakra and brings trust and confidence into our life.

3. phase: 15 minutes

lying down on the belly


Tibetan healing meditation

1. phase: 15 minutes

through humming we create a healing balance within

2. phase: 15 minutes

– for 7.5 minutes in a big circle of our arms we give our energy out into to universe
– the next 7.5 minutes you reach out to receive all the blessings

3. phase: 15minutes

silence and sitting in awareness

Chakra Sound

with our own voice we open up our energy centers. we might also choose to just listen to the music and feel the 7centers and become aware of the different vibrations.

1. phase: 30 minutes

sit, breath and let the sound of music enter the first chakra – let your own sound arise. the music will lead you up through all centers until it brings you down again to the first chakra. you repeat the same process a second time.

2. phase: 15 minutes

silence –  sitting or lying down

Qi Gong

gentle soft movements release tensions in our body. the blood stream and our energy move freely and our immune system is activated. accumulated toxins are excreted.

Qi Gong regulates your natural breathing without training a certain technique.

Chakra Breathing

with deep breathing through the open mouth into each of the 7 chakras you bring vitality and awareness into your life.

1. phase: 30 minutes

you start breathing into the first chakra and let the music guide you up to the 7th chakra. hearing three bells you move slowly down to the first and repeat the whole process once again.

2. phase: 15 minutes

sit or lie down

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