for time and silence

space and movement…

for joy and mindfullness …

meditation center in the heart of Zug


Meditation is a journey inwards, away from our outer activities


Our team guides you with different meditation technics, to join the adventure of your own inner journey. Wharever pops up, we are there for you.

Maybe you are aware of your breath, your body and feelings. you may learn different breath technics, or use your voice, move actively or express whatever your body needs. Somebody who relates with awarenes, alife and concious,  will be able to enjoy and deal with all the challenges life presents to him with courage and will move freely away what hinders his growth.

You will be aware what gives you joy and strength.

It is not about becoming better having more power or money. Your life will be more loving, more free, awake and more happy.



our program and offer

You can find more details about our daily offers under the section “program”.

The meditations are roughly described on the page section “meditations”.

You can attend your meditation with us by signing up (2 hours before start of lesson) via:

  • the button register now


  • via phone / e-mail


All our meditation leaders speak english. Everyone is welcome, independent of religious instructions. 

Do you have any questions or are you curious to find out more about the mystery of meditation?

We are looking forward to seeing you, sharing or simply drinking tea in our cozy lounge. Just call or send us an email.


Newsletter – Meditationszentrum MOMENT – Ära neigt sich dem Ende entgegen!

LIEBE MEDITATIONSFREUNDEUnser Meditationszentrum MOMENT in Zug ist seit 1. April 2019 geschlossen ! Seit einigen Monaten sind wir in Verhandlungen mit der Immobilienfirma. Gerne hätten wir das Mietverhältnis für die nächsten 2-3 Jahre zu den...

Die heilsame Kraft der Meditation – sehenswerte Doku von ARTEde

Klinische Studien zeigen, dass Meditation einen positiven Einfluss auf unser Gehirn hat. Die Wissenschaft erforscht, inwiefern die mentale Praxis wirksam bei Schmerzen, Depressionen und Ängsten ist. Kann die Meditation möglicherweise Krankheiten heilen oder uns gar ganz vor ihnen bewahren?

why meditate at "Moment"

Different meditation techniques, like mindfullness training, consciously breathing or Osho´s active meditations are an important part of most seminars and trainings and its impact is scientifically a wellknown factor. Our daily offers of meditations enables  us to integrate these experiences in our daily working life.


To meditate in a group of people creates an atmosphere of lightness and joy and deepens the quality of presence and relaxation. Our stream of thoughts calms down and we connect with our deepest beeing. Our heart widens and opens up without effort or any doing.

creativity and beauty

presence and clarity just Be ing


joy and confidence

serenity and inner piece

our daily offer